November 30, 2011


"The life inherent in all forms is always life; but life, because it is ceaselessly changing, inevitably outgrows every form, which in turn must die so that life can be released into a new birth, and into a new form."

"There is always rebirth after death, and the new form is always greater than the old; but when put to the test, the majority of individuals do not believe this, and feel they have irretrievably lost something.  Usually it is some thing (or someone) to whom there is an intense emotional bond, and through which, in some way, the individual is living a part of his life--a part that should be retrieved so that he can live it out for himself.  In some way the bond is lost, the relationship changed, and there is the experience of a death.  And if one seeks, among these ashes he will find a new perspective and a new birth."

- Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet, by Liz Greene (p. 48; 49)

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