March 12, 2011

Spring Fever 10% OFF Coupon (Not Applicable for "HELP JAPAN" items)

Ready for spring?  Use the coupon code: SPRING2011 for 10% off my entire shop* through the end of May! 

*This coupon code is NOT applicable for items titled, "HELP JAPAN."

 Please see my blog with the title, "HELP JAPAN" for more information on how my shop will donate to the Japan tsunami and earthquake relief efforts.  Thanks for your understanding and support.


I've been wearing my own (not the ones for sale) peridot heishe dangle with my citrine drop briolette pendant a lot lately, wishing for spring.  The bright green and vibrant gold of these pendants are invigorating.  I have also been wearing my own (also not the ones for sale!) moonstone chip dangle with my citrine chip dangle pretty religiously, as well.  I have worn these pendants by themselves, as solitary pendants, too!

These pairings remind me of the versatility of my designs--they are substantial enough to be worn alone OR together, and are not visually overwhelming.  So affordable, as well.   Please check out my shop to see more!

We're keeping the earthquake and tsunami survivors, and the country of Japan, in our thoughts...

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