June 09, 2017


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It's been three weeks since my last blog post.  Goodness.  In baby time, that's a lot of developmental growth.  However, in mama time, three weeks has slipped through my fingers; I've forgotten how crazy life has been lately with a teething almost-there crawler.  (I am amazed at how mamas of more than one baby manage work and family life, especially those who work from home.)  

As for my Etsy shop I am still shipping orders as time permits, usually twice a week.  Lately, my writing services have been inquired about the most, which has been a wonderful surprise.  I've also noticed that there's been a clustering, an ebb and flow if you will, of specific shop item inquiries - that only my jewelry work is asked about one week and only my writing services the next.  It's as if we're all connected somehow in this amazing vast universe.  And I love that.  I like to think that positivity perseveres over the negativity in our society, our world.  That goodness and kindness are more commonplace than we know.  It's my hope to pass this on to my daughter who is becoming more and more observant as the days go by.  More importantly, it is my steadfast hope to be the best mother I can be.  Mamas out there, I feel you.

* * *

In jewelry news, I hope to unveil new jewelry designs this autumn!

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