June 07, 2016


I love that it's now June.  The weather is warmer, the pollen less, and summer wedding season is officially here.  If you're like me, you've been eyeing summer wedding dresses on Instagram and Pinterest with oohs and aahs, and reveling in the details of a bride's accessories and the wedding, itself.  It's pure creativity at play, a gorgeous mixing of traditional and modern elements that catch my eye.  But what I don't love is how behind I am on the shop front.  I haven't made or added new listings in months, but will finally make the May donation to Feeding America this week.  Also, I've further discounted my popular wedding-speech writing service for a limited time for wedding season, so check it out here.

Here's my tentative to-do list for the month...

To-do list for June:
- Finally make the May donation;
- Sit down and create new jewelry;
- Design new book-page wedding signs (from your helpful input);
- Carry out photography sessions for the aforementioned (new) shop goods;
- Edit photos and then add fresh listings to my shop;
- Work on my novel, whose progress has been on a months-long hiatus.  Yikes!
- Read more.

Can't wait to translate creative shop ideas, which I've been working on in my head, onto the page!  It may take a few tries, and certain projects may be scrapped altogether once begun, but that's the creative process for you.  Lastly, thank you for the high number of clicks on my blog post chronicling our recent road trip to Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada.  Hope you enjoyed reading the post (read here).

More soon,

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