March 19, 2016

900 Sales

Thank you for helping me hit 900 sales on Etsy today!

* * *

It's been an amazing almost five-and-a-half years selling online, and I couldn't have done any of it without your support and feedback.  When I started my shop in 2010, it was only in my wildest dreams that I'd make it this long as an online seller.  But life has an interesting way of stepping in, without you knowing it, and sometimes that's all that's needed to keep going.  The next milestone is 1,000 sales (which sounds so daunting...), but it's all baby steps from here since 1,000 sales is only one-hundred more than the current 900th sale mark, right?  Beyond quality and integrity, "slow and steady" has always been my mantra--I deeply appreciate your sticking by me and my creative vision.  My gratitude to you; thank you.  And happy weekend!

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