February 16, 2016

Inspiration: Spring Greenery

                                                                    via my Pinterest account

Winter isn't over yet, but I've been fawning over spring-green finds on Pinterest.  Images of florals and architecture and nature, especially.  An intoxicating splash of deep green always finds its way into my curated boards.  My most popular board is Romantic Wedding, followed by Write, Write, Write, and Gifts for the Writer (in that order).  It's my hope that my shop-specific boards will become favorites, as well.  Feel free to follow along for visual inspiration, DIY ideas, and new pins (added weekly).

* * *

Have you heard?  This year, I'm donating $1 from every listing purchased to the nationwide food bank charity, Feeding America.  This means your purchase will have a doubly good purpose! #goodsforgood  My 2016 goal is to donate a total of $175.

A donation will be made at the end of each month--with your support, I donated $15 last month.
Read the full details here.

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