February 11, 2016

A Burning Question

This might not be a burning question, but it's one that I've received lately about my writing services.  The question is: "Can you write blog entry content for me?"  I answer yes, but that I would need a rough draft, or at least an outline, of the content for direction.  (Static is then heard on the other end...)  The line of inquiry proceeds: "I need you to come up with the content.  I don't have time to write it."  My next email explains that I don't write content without an outline or rough draft because there's many ways in which the content could be written--and that my listing description clearly explains the type of writing I do, and why.

After that, I don't hear back from the potential client...

The thing is, I am a writer with an MA degree, but what I write is based solely on the information the client provides.  I do not pull ideas out of thin air, although I do add to ideas--nor do I allow them to materialize in front of me without the client's input: there are just so many directions in which the content can go.  Tone, for instance.  Upbeat and conversational, or professional and polished?  Word choice is another direction, as is content, organization, sentence structure, voice, etc.  Voice is especially important because it tells the reader who the writer is.  If there is a discrepancy between any of these elements in a written work, the reader will know.  Many times, we don't give the reader enough credit for noticing.  My academic training, as tough as it was for me, undoubtedly contributed to my detail-oriented writing style.  Academics taught me how to look critically at the writing process from all perspectives: brainstorming, organization, word choice, structure, clarity, and length.  Taught me that each word holds a different weight in a sentence.  That each statement matters.

Inadvertently, the high-brow culture of academics taught me something interesting: humility.  After six drafts of one chapter, you learn firsthand how to be humble and deft.  You learn new ways of writing and seeing the world, and you learn how to edit and write with relevance and a critical eye.  This is why I provide quality content writing services through my main site, theintrovertedwriter.com, in addition to my Etsy shop.  The writer, the written word, the content--it all matters.

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