January 03, 2016

Meet My 2016 Goal

Happy 2016, all!  Hope you had a spectacular New Year's.  We had a sweet small-scale celebration, which definitely is my kind of festive fun.  Importantly, small-scale changes via new year's resolutions were made.  This year will be different, I told myself, as I did some journaling last night about personal goals, as well as goals for my shop, for this blank canvas that is 2016.  2016 will be a year of continued bravery, like last year.  But better.  As I thought this and then wrote it down, an interesting idea took shape in my mind as the pit of my stomach knotted and churned--but quickly thereafter, a smile swept across my face.  Completely unexpected.  This change of emotion surprised me, as if intuition had a hand in it.

I want to share this 2016 goal with you, which I need your help to meet:
With your help, I will donate $175 (or more) to the charity, Feeding America, this year.  Why Feeding America?  This charity donates goods to food banks all over the US to feed families and individuals.  My shop donation items currently benefit this charity.

Charity Navigator has more information about FA here.

How to Participate:
With each sale I make in 2016, I will donate $1 from the sale directly to Feeding America.  For example, if you purchase two listings this year, then $2 will be donated to the charity.  Simple as that!  It may not seem like much, but a dollar adds up.  With your help, I'm hopeful that my self-imposed goal of donating $175 can be met, or exceeded, by year's end.

If you were wondering, yes, another shop goal was built into this seemingly arbitrary number of $175: I'd love to make over 1,000 total shop sales by the end of this year.  A donation of $175 equals 175 shop sales, which will put my shop beyond this 1,000-sales mark!

At the end of each month, I will make the donation from your orders ($1 from each listing purchased), and post the donation receipt here, along with a unique little thank-you note with the states or non-US countries the buyers are from.  Updates will be posted on this blog and on Instagram.

* * *

I'm excited for this new endeavor--but am even more excited to include you firsthand in helping me reach this goal.  Cheers to 2016!

Monthly donation totals
January donation: $15
February donation: $7
March donation: $9
April donation: $17
May donation: $15
June donation: $11
July donation: $18
August donation: $5
October-December donation: $6

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