December 30, 2015

End Of Year Wrap-Up

Get it, wrap-up?  Christmas?  Okay, my humor isn't too unique here lately, but my thoughts have been otherwise.  Over the last few weeks, I have been busily creating and packing jewelry, answering convos, and working with some wonderful clients on writing services.  The energy has been high, so much so that ebullience runs rampant here lately.  It's a nice bookend for 2015.

This year has been full of lessons: when to fight, when to let go, and when to go along with the creative process to see where it takes you--regardless of the frustration that the process may bring out.  (I've chronicled these events in this blog, which you can read, if you're interested, via the drop-down list on the sidebar to the left.)  I've built my writing services over the last two years from scratch that's equal parts grit, knowledge with an MA degree, skill, and originality--but most of all, integrity.  Thank you to my clients who realize this. Thanks too for understanding that jewelry is still a big part of my work, but that I now have a specific multifaceted focus.  Although jewelry making was the original aim of my shop (when I started back in 2010), I made fewer pieces of jewelry this year, but I did add a new offering: interchangeable earring dangles.  Jewelry is a highly saturated market, so this creation is something I'm proud of because it's different and allows for versatile wearability.  As for handmade wedding goods, my bookish seed packets with custom initials have been well-received as wedding favors.  This year, I made stamped holiday gift tags and bookmarks, too.

* * *

Something new that I've done in 2015 was write the first draft of a novel.  I haven't stated this outright here because it's been a rollercoaster of a process, and I'm a deeply private person (despite active Instagram and Twitter accounts within the last six months).  This is the first novel that I've written as an adult that has seen completion, but now comes the hard part: editing and adding detail, making the characters as complex as we all are, and forging personal ties between characters--both implied and directly stated.  These nuances, which make the story believable and emotionally gratifying, are next year's work.  Adding detail is the hard part about writing, but I'm energized and excited, ready to take this adventure to the next level, even as anxiety still gnaws at me.

But this has been a year of fears and in turn, little acts of bravery realized.  So I need to ask this of you: Is there something that you'd love to see added to my shop?  Additional writing services, handmade jewelry, bookish wedding goods, etc.?  Currently, I am thinking of adding a wider range of donation items, in addition to high-end pendants to my existing Cascade collection.  I'm open to new shop item ideas, and will keep your suggestions private--just leave a comment on this blog post.  In return, I'll send you a one-time use coupon for 15% off your next order from my shop (includes writing services).  This offer ends on January 31, 2016.  

* * *

Thank you so much for supporting my work.  As 2015 comes to a close, I eagerly look forward to 2016 and to what the new year will bring.  Lots of new products are in the brainstorming stages, so stay tuned.  I wish you all a happy wonder-filled new year.  See you in 2016!

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