January 08, 2016

Book Riot Feature

via Book Riot

As I was perusing my Etsy Stats yesterday, I noticed that my Literary Tall, Dark, and Brooding Card had received 20+ clicks.  Weird, I thought, because it was unusually high traffic for one little hand-stamped card.  Then I saw bookriot.com under my traffic sources.  A-ha! I said.  Visiting their site, I scrolled down the homepage and saw my simple card as an article's main image (see above).  What a nice surprise!

Clicking on the link, curiously titled "Book Fetish: Romance Edition," my interest was piqued.  Scrolling down the page, I find it.  There among other tongue-in-cheek book-inspired goods is my card, smack dab in the middle of it all:

via Book Riot

* * *

This is an exciting event because it's the first time my work has been an article's main image.  It's also my second Book Riot feature--nearly two years ago, my origami hearts were included in a BR Valentine's Day article, which I documented here.  Thank you, Book Riot!  

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