January 13, 2016

An Elusive Gem

Been rereading one of my favorite novels, Villette, by Charlotte Bronte, and found this inspiring gem of a quote that's pertinent to jewelry making:

"Pendant from the dome, flamed a mass that dazzled me - a mass, I thought, of rock-crystal, sparkling with facets, streaming with drops, ablaze with stars, and gorgeously tinged with dews of gems dissolved, or fragments of rainbows shivered.  It was only the chandelier, reader, but for me it seemed the work of eastern genii..."

* * *

Another 2016 goal of mine is to make more jewelry: ideas for both simple gemmy bits and funky color clashes have been brewing steadily in my mind--and have since been translated on to paper.  Shortly, I'll be making these paper- and mind-bound ideas a tangible reality.  Can't wait to share the process with you all.  Stay tuned...

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