August 06, 2015

Thumbelina Leigh & a Shop Promo

Thumbelina Leigh Lavender
July 2015

My Thumbelina Leigh Lavender is still holding strong despite a complete change in appearance over the past three years.  Read somewhere that lavenders only last a handful of years as potted plants, which may be true, but I have seen some planted-in-the-ground varieties flourish for over a decade now!  Thumbelina Leigh is a hybrid, only introduced in 2003, making it a newbie in the lavender world--but it is gorgeous, compact, and deliciously fragrant once established.

To compare, the following photo is of my TLL in March of this year (note the older growth stems to the left):

March 2015

Basically, my lavender photo from July 2015 (first photo) shows all new growth--the sprigs on the left-hand side visible in the above photo taken this spring are now long gone, had died earlier this summer.  Who knew lavender plants could basically die off--and then sprout up again.  Has anyone had this issue with growing lavenders?

A 2012 throwback photo of the same plant after purchase from the nursery:

May 2012
Newly purchased and re-potted

I hope that my TLL will flourish again, and have high hopes that it will.  If this occurs, I will list more buds for sale in my shop, for there have been a few inquiries about them as of late.

* * *

P.S. My shop is almost at 800 sales!  As a gesture of thanks, I will include a free gift per purchase for orders through #800.  Also, if you are in the US, do not forget to apply the coupon code FREESHIPPING at checkout for free shipping on orders over $15.  Thanks again for all your support, and enjoy!

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