October 28, 2014

Lily & Madeleine: Come to Me

Lily & Madeleine, an ebullient folk-rock duo comprised of teenage Indianapolis-bred sisters who delight with their undulating-yet-profound melodies and distinct singer-songwriter sensibilities, is my new favorite music "find" on NoiseTrade.  A gentler-sounding version of the equally talented Swedish duo, First Aid Kit, Lily & Madeleine smooth over raw melodic edges with their steadfast complementary vocals, which differs from First Aid Kit, who embrace raw melodies via an understated bluesy-folk style of melancholy-meets-upbeat vocal renderings. 

There are so many obvious similarities between the two bands: young women who are sisters, the folk influence, moody, ambient-rooted melodies.  However, the one thing that is is glaringly, and in my opinion, ultimately American about the promotion of Lily & Madeleine's music is the sustained focus on their nostalgic girl-next-door looks--in contrast to this, the above video, a live acoustic version of "Come to Me," was chosen because the camera does not partake in these voyeuristic zoom-in sequences.  

Lily & Madeleine's forthcoming LP, Fumes, is slated for release today on Asthmatic Kitty Records.  

For a limited time, you can download their music sampler for free here.

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