September 20, 2014

Wild Horses

 A band of wild horses, or mustangs, off of Six-Mile Canyon 
(side road from Virginia City, NV)

It was quite a sight to see these wild beauties.  Prior to this most recent late-summer visit, we've only passed by the "wild horse crossing" signs throughout Nevada State Route 341 (that leads to Virginia City, NV) without actually seeing any of these horses.  However, besides the numerous horse-crossing signs, their tell-tale poop is visible on Virginia City's side streets, which indicates that their population is plentiful and thriving.  This means that it was only a matter of time before we too would see wild horses in person.

And see them, we did.

As you can likely tell from this photo, the horses did not fear us one bit, except for the skinny colt or foal on the left, who appeared skittish and wary.  What you don't see is the lone horse to the left of us, across the two-lane road that is Six-Mile Canyon, who kept a watchful eye on this band of horses.  I assume that this one is the dominant male, and that the band is made up of females and the young.  On our way out of Virginia City, we saw another band of wild horses--lucky, lucky us.

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