September 22, 2014

Boycott Copycats

So I recently read Kaija at Paperiaarre's blog entry titled "Anthropologie strikes again" and learned that her amazing journal, seen below, was recently copied for profit by the retailer mentioned above.  Kaija, a Master Bookbinder in Finland, is a genuine master of her craft with years of traditional bookbinding under her belt, so seeing this blatant Anthropologie copy makes me so angry that her highly specialized work was not only copied and now mass produced, but also poorly made to sell at a rock-bottom price--all of course without her consent.

I've corresponded with this thoughtful artist, who is so meticulous and enthusiastic about her work, and I actually own this exact journal made by her, so I am genuinely outraged by big companies who have little regard for creative license or the artist.

Kaija has asked us to contact Anthropologie about this, as well as boycott the company and share her post.  If you're like me and fully support small-scale artists, please go ahead and do so.

I've previously blogged about Kaija's shop, Paperiaarre, here.

UPDATE: The issue is resolved!  Visit Kaija's blog for details.

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