July 30, 2014

Mini Bio

As per a customer's request to include with an EmeraldCut item to be gifted, I have written a mini bio (see below) that documents the story of my shop, as well as the thought put into my designs and material selection.  Thank you to this customer for such a simple-yet-ingenious idea!

And because I like doing everything the hard way, this mini bio is a combination of writing from scratch and information that was copied and pasted from my Etsy About page and Policies page.  As you could see below, I am finally getting the knack of how to integrate my new main site with my existing Etsy shop.  I go this extra step because it's a little pet peeve of mine--and probably mine only--when the same information, exactly word-for-word, is listed in each section of a website (i.e.: Etsy's profile page, About page, Policies page, and Shop Announcement).  In my opinion, the sections exist to showcase different aspects of a shop, even if the differences may be minute.

Regarding my mini bio, I'm sure I will edit it further in the future as my shop evolves.  Below is my current one to include with each physical order:

EmeraldCut | The Introverted Writer

Thank you for your order!  I thoughtfully made your piece with attention to detail.  In addition to integrity and honesty, the concept of handmade is of utmost importance to me—every aspect of my shop is carried out by yours truly, with the occasional input and package drop offs by my husband.  Additionally, I hand select materials and often spend half an hour per creation, observing the piece from different vantage points to make sure that it is uniquely "just right."

Keeping our earth green is also important to me.  Packing and gift-wrap materials are reused; bubble mailers are US-made or purchased in bulk.  Jewelry items arrive in recycled wood pulp-derived kraft boxes.  Collages/paper goods are created from books and magazines I've collected over the years. 

 My professional writing and editing services are entirely electronically based, with the final product either convo-d or emailed in a PDF file (depending on length) to the client.

My story: I started my shop back in winter 2010, shortly before I quit a long-term job, as a way to sell my handmade jewelry.  In 2013, I obtained a Master’s degree with a literary emphasis; it is with this academic background that I provide professional writing and editing services to meet what I have found to be a high demand for quality writing.  In addition to handmade jewelry and professional writing services, my shop offers custom stamped wood slice ornaments and vintage book page wedding and home decor.  Visit my main site: www.theintrovertedwriter.com

Thank you for supporting handmade, and enjoy! 



Unknown said...

Hey I liked the way you detailed your mini bio. I was seeking for bio writing service online, just stumbled across your post and found it really interesting one to read. Thanks for sharing.

EmeraldCut said...

Hi Bella Dove, thank you for the kind comment! If you are still interested in writing services, I am available to help. See my shop for pricing: www.emeraldcut.etsty.com. Also, feel free to ask questions via the Convo feature.