August 03, 2014

Mid-Season Jewelry Designs

Citrine point pendant 
Here are new EmeraldCut jewelry designs made just this past week.  The lighting is a bit pensive and moody, since we've had overcast skies and muggy weather.  (If you're interested, I've sort of chronicled this weather here.)  I know I've been late in creating these, as my goal to make some new pieces in late spring didn't quite happen...

Huge amethyst point pendant
By didn't quite happen, I mean that I became sidetracked.  However, these beauties, in my opinion, make up for my procrastination, as each of these stones are really one of a kind.  

Light cognac citrine point pendant 
For instance, I like to refer to the above citrine point color as light cognac: a rich, silky medium-golden-yellow color with tinges of amber.  Not shown in the photo is the cool semi-bifurcated point.

Peach moonstone pendant 
The above pendant showcases a beautifully faceted pear-shaped peach moonstone.  The stone has a lightly chatoyant (aka cat's eye effect) luster at certain angles.  I think this piece would be a graceful-yet-eye-catching addition to summer wedding attire.

Rainbow moonstone nugget pendant 
Adding new rainbow moonstone pendants to my shop has been in the back of my mind for the past two seasons.  Here is a new one--isn't it gorgeous?  The above stone teems with deep blue, yellow, and orange flashes of color when moved about.  It's interesting how, when not held at certain angles, this particular rainbow moonstone appears to be a plain, pure white stone with numerous cloudy striations!  (That's actually what I love about rainbow moonstones such as this: their unassuming beauty.)  

"Ametrine" point pendant 
As you may know, just about all citrine on the market is heated amethyst due to the geological abundance of lush, natural amethyst stone.  Citrine and amethyst are types of quartz.  The above stone is called "ametrine," which is the term for quartz stones that exhibit both amethyst and citrine colors.  I only noticed this unique characteristic when I photographed the pendant and saw minute purple areas above the golden point (not shown in the above image).  I've worked with many citrine points past and present, but this is the only one that has exhibited both amethyst and citrine colorations!
Amethyst point pendant 
This amethyst point stone showcases translucent light-to-medium purple hues in the point amid a translucent white quartz base.  Beautiful symmetry and a well-defined chiseled point makes for a coveted piece of jewelry.

Below is what I call the two hearts "mystery stone" pendant.  The backstory is that I received these stones (they are indeed stones rather than composed of synthetic-type material, which is seen in the inclusions and composition of each stone) in a pack of miscellaneous, rustic gems.  I thought it would be lovely to create a simple pendant that carries the hearts vertically, giving the piece a sweet aesthetic with both hearts visible.  I doubly secured the argentium sterling silver wire at the bottom for added security.  

Two hearts "mystery stone" pendant
Two other heart-shaped stones from this miscellany stone stash can be seen in this donation pendant for sale in my shop.

These mid-season designs will be added to my shop in the next few months, just in time for autumn.  This year has really gone by, hasn't it?  And with all items that I showcase on this here blog before I physically list them for sale, my blog readers get first dibs (contact me on Etsy to reserve a piece)!

P.S. It's been so long since I've had one, so I'm gearing up for a giveaway.  Check back soon for all the important details!  

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