December 07, 2013

When It Rained

A few short weeks ago, it finally rained.  The heavens let out a long-awaited sigh and heaved its contents onto the ground below.  Prior to this rainstorm, which lasted two entire days, our area had received a measly 2-inches of rain in all of 2013.  A paltry sum, for sure.  Now we are hovering around 5 inches, give or take.  It was not a torrential downpour like it was in neighboring towns and cities, but the rain of a few weeks ago was a sight for sore eyes: a grand, watery display of awesome proportions.

There's something about the crisp, transient quality of clean air after a good autumn rain, especially after a rainstorm that lasted for more than a few hours.  It's soothing and revelatory--the smell of soaked asphalt and rotting leaves and all, revealing the inseparable layers of life underneath, the living within the cracks and the nooks and crannies of street life that peek out only during the rainy season in the form of vibrant green growth.  The best part however, post-rainstorm, are the photos to be taken.

I am a sucker for photographing in natural light the color green and drops of water.  I cannot help it, for it is a nice, temporary departure from the indoor photography of items for sale, a necessary break from the hectic back and forth of the holiday season; it is a measure of sanity.

For me, true vulnerability, human emotion, and spontaneous creativity can only be fully accessed away from the technological advances of humankind, even if only for a little while.  This is why I pay homage to when it rained those few weeks ago.

* * *

This post is for my husband,
who showed me many things
beyond the horizon.

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