December 03, 2013

On Anniversaries

So, my third-year shop anniversary quietly paraded by this year, right before the Thanksgiving rush permeated the too-warm-for-autumn air.  In my state of delirium, I forgot about it entirely.  That's okay because I initially remembered a few days post-anniversary, but this was only after I stared at the "opened on" date in my shop for a good few seconds--or minutes.  Then I had a good laugh of the forgetful nature, one of those carefree-yet-guttural deep laughs that resonate from the gut upward and end in a joyful, muffled giggle.  And giggle, I do not do often.  I guess only on anniversaries that I forget, and perhaps when I am slightly uncomfortable.  Most often, I observe.

As autumn begins winding down to winter, I hope to observe everything around me, taking it in and holding it dear.  I think it's appropriate closure for a long-short year.

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