October 05, 2013


The pendulum swings.  Life goes onward and forward, occasionally vacillating between neither here nor there, lost in the in-betweeness of it all.  The years blur, while the memories made burn an indelible imprint in your mind.  But the unforgiving thing about time is that even the memories that you prefer not to forget begin to get fuzzy along the edges after awhile--their imprints become hallowed-out outlines of a conversation had or of a scene seen...

Of everlasting memories ripped up at the seams.

Yet, you move on, forward you go--because you have to.  It is a necessity.  You blink and wonder where all the time has gone: two days meld into four weeks into six months.  Or is it seven?  And we still remember.  The memories that we hold onto so fiercely define us, cradle us in their depths.

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