October 07, 2013

October Challenge: A Photo a Day

At the last minute (October 2nd to be exact), I decided to take part in a self-guided, photo-taking challenge for the month of October.  My goal is to take one photo per day that captures the particular subjective feel of the day, whether it be the mood I am in, the weather, and/or even lighting and color saturation.  Why October?  In addition to being prime autumn season, it's also my favorite month for a variety of reasons (mainly seasonal, of course).

I am very curious to see if a consistent theme emerges beyond the obvious autumn one, since what catches the eye is, in my opinion, at once aesthetically driven and unconscious.  Or should I say, subconscious?  From my Pinterest pins, I already have an idea of what draws me in, yet being the person behind the camera--rather than a passive-yet-entertained image collector via Pinterest--has its given advantages in the emotion-unfurling department.  Let's see if my theory is plausible.  

Come November 1st, I will post the October challenge collage, in its entirety, here in my blog.  Perhaps I've had too much coffee, but I'm really excited for this!

* * *

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Have a great week!

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