September 18, 2013

The Lesson

Oh, little hummingbirds, so brash and brazen, full of life, perhaps I have some lessons to learn from you about certain things.  I've never understood the fast-paced life: the scheduling of every minute of every daytime hour, day in and day out, without a moment of meaningful repose until bedtime.  The mental and physical exhaustion that lures us into fitful sleep.  Why is it that humans generally believe that each day must be jam packed with meetings and a heavy workload, last-minute excursions, and stilted conversation in order to feel like they are truly living?  Hummingbirds, although so quick to movement, take the time to observe--left goes their heads, and then right, their needle-like beaks giving away the slight changes in direction of their glances.  They do this ritual dozens of times per day: sensing for danger, maintaining territory, resting their wings, preserving their precious energy.  It's like each movement has a specific purpose.  I have yet to see a dumbfounded hummingbird, but dumbfounded humans?  They are a dime a dozen.  I say take a lesson from the hummers.


Unknown said...

If people slow down long enough to actually see, the will fear the vision. Tis better to speed than look inward, don't you think?

Love those little hummingbirds.

EmeraldCut said...

Totally, lady. Because vision is SCARY. For most, if not all.