September 14, 2013

Book Quote Goods

Poetic Jane Eyre Small Kraft Gift Box Quote

Hello all, happy almost fall.  I just wanted to share the Jane Eyre quote goods that I've recently added to my shop, which are the end products of this blog post.  It's been such a fun, exploratory process cutting out my favorite JE quotes and designing the below cards that I am most likely going to keep this an ongoing project--book page cut-out quotes and paper goods, that is.  On the subject of paper goods, at one time, I was a self-described poet; the small gift box quote listing above is the closest I now get to writing poetry, as I now prefer the matter-of-fact undulation of prose to the metaphoric ebb and flow of poetry.  Cutting and pasting JE sentence fragments then are entirely appropriate, for I still have the creative license--albeit with someone else's words.  And what a someone else she was, this Charlotte Bronte.  More to come soon.

Tea Lover Quote Card

Romantic Quotes Stationery Set
Stillness Nature Quote Card

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