August 08, 2013

Literature Scarfs

ThornfieldHallDesign Jane Eyre quote, raw-edged scarf
listing seen here
Storiarts' Jane Eyre quote infiniti scarf,
listing seen here.

Did an Etsy search for scarves with Jane Eyre quotations, and found two amazing shops in the process: Storiarts and Thornfield Hall Design.  Although both are heavily influenced by classic literature, their shop aesthetics differ greatly.  With their creamy-white coloration and classic font style, Storiarts' products strongly resemble pages directly from an old and worn, beloved novel.  Thornfield Hall Designs', on the other hand, reveal a tangibly more modern feel, with raw-edged scarves--and other articles of clothing--in earth-toned colors that feature an old-times cursive font.

I especially love how a quote from a favorite novel, in my case/this blog entry's example, Jane Eyre, is creatively incorporated into two very different and intriguingly beautiful scarf designs in these shops.  Such great ideas for autumn!  Especially for a bookish soul.


Unknown said...

LOVE! How unique and cool is that?

EmeraldCut said...

Aren't they great?