August 04, 2013

Waiting Impatiently for Autumn

I'm already craving tea like crazy.  And hoping that it would downpour.  From sky to ground, clear up the knotty mess due to drought.  Reading while cozied up in a blanket, hot milk on the tabletop.  Golden yellows and reds.  Plum purples and rich, decadent browns.  I want to wear my knit beret.  Sing songs under a diffuse, darkened sky with the warmth of our voices to carry us on--Chesapeake bellowing deeply from our lungs; melancholic melodies courageously emptied from our hearts.  You pour, I drink it in, let it seep in far beyond the blue.  And it sinks...through veins and capillaries, diffuses through all the dark, ample muddy spots that you thought were permanent.  Impermanence: you scoff wildly at the mere thought of it while a frenzied laughter permeates the air.  You know what?  I can't help but laugh too because you were right.

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