June 09, 2013

Week in Photos

We took a short trip to the mountains earlier this week.  Although it was a quick jaunt there and back--the entire trip lasting no more than three full days--its brevity was fully reconciled by its quality.  Here are some images that I took during a few of our hikes/walks in the High Sierras:

Eureka Lake
(located in Plumas-Eureka State Park)
Ladybug with unique eye spots
(edge of Eureka Lake)
View of Eureka Lake from trail to Eureka Peak
(Entire hike is close to 2,000 feet in elevation gain in under 2 miles;
hike loops around the peak; we did not know about the loop, so we didn't "finish" the hike.
Instead of following the trail around the peak, we retraced our steps back after reaching the summit.)
Gold Lake
(Lakes Basin area)
Eye-catching growth
(Jamison City area)

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