May 30, 2013


It's giveaway time again!

Doesn't the sunny, golden glow of the above raw citrine point pendant remind you of summer?  This unique pendant has a chevron-like point and is wrapped with argentium sterling silver wire.  Perfect for summertime picnics, jaunts in the park, and of course, road trips.  And it is up for grabs in this giveaway!

Each listing purchased in the month of June from my shop will enter you once for this drawing.  So, for instance, if you purchase two EmeraldCut shop listings in June, you will be entered twice for the giveaway.  The lucky winner will be hand-drawn on July 1st, 2013, and will be announced in this here blog.

Good luck and thank you for all the kind support!

* * *

7/1 update
Giveaway winner: Carolyn


Unknown said...

Your Google Rant has "gone missing." I was enjoying it until I got cut off. Did they do that or did you delete? Please advise. LOL.

EmeraldCut said...

Hi Tegan, the "Google rant," as it should so aptly be referred to, was removed by none other than me. I found out through my own amateur perusing that on some Blogger sites, I can comment anonymously, while on others, I cannot. Seems to me that Google+ is the issue here, since I cannot--as far as I've seen--anonymously post comments (without first creating a Google+ account) on blogs whose owners also have a Google+ account.

On that note, I may repost the rant with a disclaimer! LOL.