May 30, 2013

Hey, Google

   Why have you made it mandatory for those who post comments on Blogspot blogs to also have a Google+ account?  With this top-down decision, you have disabled me from commenting on Blogspot blogs without first signing up for a Google+ account.  It's eery, this new addition to your monolithic web franchise, as Google+ is reminiscent of the exclusivity of Facebook, as well as the high school mentality that runs rampant over there, even among adults.  Wait, wasn't Google+ initially touted as the "grown up" alternative to Facebook?

Sometimes people do not want to sign up for yet another Internet site.  We are too boggled down by the current sites we belong to--and not to mention, all the online conversational buzz can be overwhelming and over-stimulating.  Creativity, although stimulated in part by technology, can also just as easily be stifled by it, too.

I am not proposing that Google+ (or Facebook, for that matter) is a horrible social network--I cannot critique what I have not experienced firsthand.  Instead, I strongly believe that those who leave comments on Blogspot should have the choice of web anonymity or publicity.  Then the dialogue can openly begin without its participants first having been socially branded.



I am unsure if this pre-comment, needing to create a Google+ account is the case across the board for all blogs.  Through my limited experience, there appears to be a correlation between Blogger folks with Google+ and this option-less issue.  


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

And just watch. Pretty soon they'll be collecting mass amounts of data and then handing it over to the government just like Verizon Wire...wait a minute.