April 29, 2013

Shop: paperiaarre

It's been so much fun blogging about nostalgic book-inspired art, so here's another...

paperiaarre has been one of my favorite Etsy shops since I created an account on the site back in 2010.  The shop is an artistic paradise for those seeking art with a tangible sense of depth.  Comprised of a collection of carefully hand-bound books, thought-provoking matchbox art, and unique botanical brooches, among other treasures, paperiaarre astounds.

With its overt odds-and-ends aesthetic, as well as its bevy of vintage-esque goods, this Finnish shop exudes a warm and slightly mysterious old-times feel, which is deeply explored in every shop offering.  It's such a joy to step into paperiaarre each time, much like setting foot into a curio shop or (more so) a museum of wonders.

* * *

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Kaija said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! You just described my shop better than I ever could :)

EmeraldCut said...

Your shop continues to be a favorite, Kaija!