April 07, 2013

Odelae: The Woven One

Remember the piece from the handstitched journal shop Odelae that I adoringly blogged about in January?  Well, I now own the large version of it!  My previous journal went ka-put last month--the cover separated from the pages, the binding came undone, and the pages were entirely filled up--so I was well due for a new one.

I wanted my new journal to hold up to weekly use, its pages and outer covering to aesthetically reflect its usage as a word-heavy, artistic open canvas.  One with a nostalgic, handmade feel would be perfect.  So I decided to ask the kind Erica (the lady behind Odelae) if she would custom design a large The Woven One journal--and lucky me, she happily obliged.  Now, the large version has its own listing, as seen in the above photo.

A little about the new journal / my review: 
Recycled paper is used for the pages, and handmade paper for the signatures.
Leather is soft and flexible, yet strong and sturdy as the outer covering.
Journal's spine design and pages are hand-stitched with "hand tools: awl, needle & thread, ruler, bone folders, manual hole punch & a steel blade" (quote taken from listing).
A leather cord gently fastens around the center of the journal, allowing for easy, closed book transportation.
Journal fits snugly in hand, and can easily be stowed away in a large handbag or travel bag.
Paper signatures are hand sewn and securely held in place.
Pages are easily turned--they even stay relatively flat--and are of a substantial weight.
The leather is easily scuffed, which adds to the rustic cabin feel of the piece.
Layout/design accommodates those who are left-handed!
Journals are customizable: see the various spine designs, paper color choices, and dyed leather covers.
An extra large-sized journal would be a nice addition to the shop.

Promotes handmade, hand-stitched book arts and bookbinding techniques, literacy, and the satisfying, self-reflective act of journal writing.

* * *

In Erica's work, each stitch has a structural and/or visual purpose--it is a continual joy to trace their woven beginnings and ends during periodic writing breaks.  Thanks for such a beautiful, solidly constructed journal!

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Unknown said...

Well I'm a fan of hers now! Thanks for sharing!