November 15, 2012

Native Son

I am really enjoying NOISETRADE--first Rachael Yamagata's acoustic mix tape (a precursor to her new EP, "Heavyweight," both of which I blogged about here) and now Kate Earl's musical sampler from her upcoming album, "Stronger."  How lucky can a girl be?  Below is by far my favorite song, "Native Son," from Kate Earl's new NOISETRADE sampler, which nostalgically reminds me of the sound of her first album, "Fate is the Hunter": folksy, quietly lyrical, and wildly, magically, influenced by her Alaskan upbringing.  It's been nearly a decade since "Fate," and Kate's voice has developed a soothing, melancholy depth; a haunting revelation of the soul, indeed.

Please bear with the video's simplicity--I think it adds to the mood of the song.  I created the video myself from the MP3 of "Native Son" and the album cover (I believe) of the soon-to-be-released "Stronger."  The song title was added onto the image by me.

Did I mention that NOISETRADE sessions are free downloads
Happy Friday!

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