July 07, 2012

This Week

I hope that you've had a good week.  As for me, I've continued my creative, exploratory trek, sans-computer (for the most part).  I've not ignored the computer all together, which in my opinion, strikes a good balance between technology and humanism.  Technology as a means to an end; a tool.

Here are some other tools that were unusually helpful this week:

Book--Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse.
I'm only 29-pages in, but the complex, semi-detached writing style has drawn me in--I frequently catch myself referring back to the novel's unique tone as a source of inspiration.

Box cutter, vintage book pages--to make wall decorations with (see below). 
        Piece on the far left is listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

Camera--documentation, documentation, documentation.

Tools are truly more than a means to an end, since they can foster the creative process--as well as help one get through that very process.  It's interesting to observe how humans assign meaning to inanimate objects, look duly towards them for some sign of relief...or peace.  It is in this symbolism that tools transcend their merely objective usage and become decorative, sometimes revered objects.  Truthfully, I couldn't imagine it any other way because our continuous search for meaning makes life ever the more grand: a wind-worn pebble becomes a good luck charm; one's favorite pen, a reminder of a sentiment's origin.  On that note, happy weekending.

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