May 01, 2012

Week in Photos (aka Happy Spring, Custom Order, and New Stones)

This past week has been a culmination of sorts: with spring in full bloom, it's been a trying task to stay focused, so I've been relying on sustained effort to meet some deadlines--with the windows open, and brisk escapes to the yard as inspiration. 

My first bridal order, which was also my very first bulk order, was excitedly completed last week.  I had the immense honor of creating bridesmaids pendants with these beautiful, AA-quality citrine briolettes:

The faceting on these briolettes are stunning...

 I hope the bride and bridesmaids are as content as I am with how the pendants turned out.  A true labor of love.


Escapes to the yard yielded some epitome-of-spring photos.  (I know that I have posted more than a few nature shots in the past, so please bear with my endless fascination with the great outdoors.)

This bush seemed to have bloomed overnight into this breathtaking sight.


I ordered a few new stones: moonstone briolettes in pale gray, peach, and white.  They are quite sturdy and large, and the stones have an earthy, warm glow rather than an overt sheen.  Ideal stones, in my opinion, for those who prefer a subtle, versatile color palette.

And, for good measure, a dramatic shot with shadow and light...


Now onto some theory articulation--I have to constantly remind myself, You are almost there.

Hope that you all are having a wonderful week.  I truly cannot believe that it is already May 1st!  This year is flying by way too quickly for my comfort level, but one must stay optimistic...and just breathe.  

P.S. In honor of Mother's Day...from now through Mother's Day, 5/13, enter MOTHERSDAY20 at checkout for 20% off your order in my Etsy shop.  


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love the idea of bridal pendants! Brilliant and I can state that you do amazing work. : ) Let's hear it for the great outdoors!

EmeraldCut said...

Thank you, GoHeyJudy! :)