April 26, 2012

Solid Opals for Sale

It's been an ongoing process of oscillating between yes and no with these beautiful solid opal cabochons...of whether or not to list them for sale in my shop.  I've realized that I cannot hoard them any longer, although their beauty is quite breathtaking: these little gems gently lift me out of creative funks by just looking at them.  Truthfully, these opal cabochons would better suit someone who could actually do something with them.  A metalsmith, I am unfortunately not.  They would be perfect for a pendant, or perhaps for a ring.  Opal is soft stone, so care must be taken when worn. 

I've listed one for sale:

Freeform Solid Opal Cabochon 20mm x 13mm / Light Opal, Green, Blue, Orange, Waxy

If you're interested, please click on the above image's caption to view the listing.  For my blog readers, convo. me for a discounted price.

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