January 17, 2012

New Business Cards

I've been working methodically on and off over these last few months on my shop: changing the slogan a bit, having a shop stamp made (with the new slogan), and deciding to create my own business cards, rather than having them made for me.  The last decision was the most difficult to make because my handmade business cards look so different from the shop-made ones; but change is sometimes a necessary step to take in order to move forward.  Also with this decision comes packaging concerns--specifically, how do I incorporate my handmade cards into my existing aesthetic?  Not enough color or alternately, too bland?  Will the business card be visible in the bubble mailer?  Is it too plain?  Simply too boring?

I know that this issue is nary a concern to most, but it is of paramount importance to me.  It is my shop, and is therefore an extension of my soul.  Not too get all Existentialist on you, but my shop is truly a window into my creative process, and my work are little parts that comprise a whole--the whole not only being my entire shop, but also my meticulous nature and aesthetic.  I enjoy creating each piece; I take the time to write a thank you note to each buyer; I wrap items carefully.  So adding a new business card to this mix is a bit daunting, to say the least, when you already have a set system going.  But it will all be fine.  That, I am sure of--as I freak out a bit over the potential outcome.

All in due course, I remind myself.  All in due course.

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