January 20, 2012

My Favorite Way to Spend a Rainy Day

It's not quite the spectacle that I had wished for or anticipated, nor were the weather reports ominously downtrodden, as they usually are in their description of rainy weather.  Throws them all in a tizzy, but I understand: change is hard; its form is not so much an issue as the actual change, itself.  So, I will have to settle for less spectacle and more misty mess for this day, much like yesterday.  But really, I have nothing to complain about because some rain--even if it is like rolling fog--is better than no rain at all.  Especially since we've not had a downpour of any sort in two months.

My favorite way to spend a day like this is with a good book, a large cup of hot tea or coffee, and (the best part) gluing my shop name onto Kraft boxes.  Two itty bitty pieces of rectangular-shaped paper: one with my shop name handwritten in jet black-colored ink, the other, cut out from an old catalog.  My shop name's piece fits neatly in the middle of the other.

The rectangular-shaped Kraft box itself is under 2" wide, so in this case--itty bitty--although a not-so-pretty description, warrants no better adjective.  Give me a glue stick, and I will go to town on this project: I finished twenty-two boxes last night, and the other half awaits me today.  Truthfully, my husband probably thinks I'm a bit crazy when I do this because he purchased my shop name stamp for me at Christmastime to make my Kraft box and business card endeavors easier to carry out, time-wise.  But the critic in me thinks that the old way of branding my Kraft boxes looks better, and I listen to the critic in me (probably) more often that I should.  So my rainy days will be spent carefully gluing bits of paper onto little boxes, sipping a hot drink, and taking breaks to dive into a good book.  Strangely soothing, but some may say that it's just plain strange.

Late afternoon UPDATE:
The rain has crescendo-d into a variegated roar amid a pale-gray sky.  It's not a charcoal-black sky muddled by a consistently-torrential downpour, characterized by a constant hum of white noise: but it's rain.

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