November 01, 2011

Inspiration: November


Hot cider, hot cocoa, and hot tea:
Warmth on the inside, radiating out,
Making up for the absence of the sun.

Scarves, boots, and pea coats:
Autumn attire serves a deeper purpose beyond fashion
To temper the autumnal chill.

Cozy quilts and blankets, a good read, and a fireplace:
Gently easing into slumber.
My body aches for warmer days,
As I attempt to substitute the sun's absence with physical entities.


My mind revels in Mother Nature's glorious wrath:
The beauty expressed in the vibrant hues
Of the leaves crunching beneath my feet;
The crisp chill in the air.

Beyond duality and description;
Infinitely boundless--
This inspiring feat.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Mmm. Hot tea, a good read, a chill in the air, and Art Deco. Oh, yeah.