June 16, 2011

Oh, 100...

I am almost at my 100th sale!  Quite a few blog entries ago, I told my readers that I will have a special thank you gift for the buyer who purchases my 100th shop item.  After nearly a month of contemplating what this gift will be, if it is adequate enough, etc., a decision has finally been made--ten sales from now, the buyer will receive an EmeraldCut.etsy.com gift certificate. The amount will be a secret until the buyer receives it in the mail.

I love the above image of my stone chip, sterling silver, wire-wrapped dangles--so many colors in one image! The vibrant hues are so uplifting, yet streamlined.  Noticeable, but not too loud.  To view my stone chip dangles on sterling silver wire, please click the phrase, "mix match."  I currently have in-stock many different stone chips in varying sizes and colors, so individual customization is possible.

I've also added many new items to my Etsy shop today.  I'm still loving the brass, but am currently working on more pieces with traditional jewelry metals--sterling silver and gold-filled wire.  Please check back often for these beauties.
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The following has nothing to do with my shop, but I need to get it out:
Sometimes I like to see the crooked politician go down too, but not at the expense of more noteworthy news.  Amen.

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