June 12, 2011

Big Cartel, Etsy...Oh My!

You may have noticed the headline in my blog about a new shop on Big Cartel.  To clarify matters, Etsy will remain my primary shop venue, and Big Cartel is its complimentary appendage.  :)  EmeraldCut times two. 

I've read a few positive reviews about Big Cartel, so I thought I'd try it out.  I am not switching over to Big Cartel, but I've added a few items to the shop I've recently opened there.  Five items, to be exact--this is my little experimental opportunity to see how Big Cartel works.  I will only have five items on Big Cartel (and I won't add any items until one sells), with all other pieces offered on Etsy. 

I hope that this change does not make purchasing and perusing my work too confusing.  To keep things simple, this blog will remain a documentary source for all my jewelry and collage-making, and I will differentiate on which site the items are offered for sale.  Lastly, coupon codes and promos are non-transferable from Etsy to Big Cartel.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day/night...

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