January 17, 2020

Happy Belated New Year

Happy belated new-year 2020.  Goodness, I still write "2019" on everything.  It's been quiet here, but I wanted to share a few custom pieces I made today while the little one slept in.  Both pieces are hand-stamped metal: one a baby spoon, the other a writer's talisman pendant. 

 This Write More talisman pendant was created to be a good-luck piece for writers.  I can stamp either solid copper or brass.  Each letter is individually stamped by hand, and hammer marks are visible on the front and back where I've hammered the piece.  My creative process in making this talisman mirrors the writer's process itself, sometimes imperfect but always necessary.  

Custom stamped baby/toddler spoon - stainless steel, made in the USA, and safe for your little one.  My toddler has used this particular spoon brand since she started eating solids.  Great quality and design.  I can stamp a first name on the spoon handle.  Spoon available in coated or noncoated.

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