October 07, 2019

Work of the Heart

Hello blog, it's really been awhile.  Motherhood will do that to you.  You blink and your child is now three years old.  You blink and your Etsy shop, once a quiet vessel of life, is semi-busy again with orders after a long, long drought.  Life has currently been on less of a time warp and more on an ebb-and-flow continuum, as life goes. 

I recently sold these tiny labors of love: book-page phrase gift boxes.  Each box top features tiny words cut by hand and a pair of scissors from a copy of Jane Eyre, my favorite book.  I then rearranged the words and made poetic or thoughtful phrases.  I had made these boxes years ago when I wanted to stand out from the mass-produced crowd, when I wanted to be creative in my own resourceful way.  So happy they have found a perfect home! 

Is it weird to talk about one's work in that respect?  As if the work themselves are, indeed, real?  

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