April 17, 2017

Mama Life

Are you following me on Instagram and/or Twitter?  I tend to post more on those social media outlets, especially now that I'm a mama of a little one.  Mama life is intense: life is quicker but the days are infinitely longer.  Sometimes the days are painstakingly long.  I'll often dream of a big mug of caffeinated coffee (as opposed to decaf), would love to switch from herbal to green and black teas.  I now see why mama-saying shirts are popular.  That being said, baby A. is an amazing little one - a breath of fresh, unpredictable life in this control-freak mama's heart.  Patience, patience, patience.  I'm learning each day how to be patient and go with the flow, sometimes the hard way, but I'm learning.

To my night owl baby, I love you.  Thanks for being patient with me.

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