September 25, 2016

A Little Break

Each time, it's been a dilemma whether or not to put my Etsy shop on a little break - this coming from an Etsy seller of nearly six years!  I've since decided that it's in everyone's best interest if I took a much needed break, however brief or long it may be.  Clarity, creativity, and a newfound sense of wonder tend to be the exciting results, as well as a fresh perspective on running an online shop.  As for this mini shop vacation, it'll happen within the next few weeks, so make your purchases now.  All jewelry will ship ASAP.  I do plan to reopen my shop before the start of the holidays (with new designs in tow), so check this blog or my Instagram account for periodic updates.  Thank you for your support!

* * *

In the meantime, here's a true story of an intelligent shelter dog who boldly makes a "break" of her own:

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