July 09, 2016

EC | TIW Writing Services Question

Hi everyone, I've received a few inquiries this week about my quality writing services, specifically how I communicate with clients.  For my writing services, I contact clients only via Etsy convos.  That way, all the information is right in front of me--in case I need to refer back to particular details.  I do NOT conduct phone interviews, Skype, or converse with clients through regular emails (and do not make exceptions).  This unique organizational process is reflected in the final result: the clarity, tone, and quality content of my writing.

However, I understand that the written word may not be a client's preferred mode of communication.  But the client's own writing is important to my process as a writer, as it gives me an idea of what the client is looking for.  I then ask questions to add detail and hone into core content.

My writing services are detail-driven and a labor of love; I do not try to make a quick buck off my writing.  Additionally, I have the credentials to prove the depth, skill, and nuanced quality of my work.  Integrity matters deeply to me, as does each inquiry.  Thanks for your understanding.

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