March 29, 2016

Wedding Writing Services and Gratitude

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend (two days late, I know).  I recently sold this Love Story writing service to a sweet client.  With wedding season nearly in full swing, I wanted to let you know a little more about my writing services and skills as a writer.  A writer with a Master's degree, my content writing services differ from others in that my work is highly detail oriented, quality driven, and reflects the versatility of my academic training.  I never use hype or gimmicks, nor do I plagiarize.  Specifically, the client sends me the information to put together into a cohesive work; editing is a collaborative process between the client and the writer (me).  I then send each writing service client a custom questionnaire based on the information sent to me.  Through various drafts, I weave together the updated information for clarity, flow, tone, etc., until the work is complete.  Pricing reflects this.

Love Story Writing Service
Writing is a long, arduous process--and frankly, it's an underrated craft, too.  To write clearly is hard.  To write clearly is a challenge because the written word differs greatly from the spoken word, which differs greatly from formal speech.  Writing then, if done well, is an inimitable act.  I am grateful to my clients for choosing my writing services.

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