December 05, 2015

Getting the Hang of It

How are you all doing?  I feel like it's been awhile (again...) since I've touched bases with you beyond the holiday hubbub and the showcasing of new shop items.  So here I am, shifting the subject to more humanlike thoughts--because humanity is what really matters when it comes down to it.  On the EC | TIW front, I actively started utilizing my Twitter account, while also writing here and posting on Instagram (see this blog entry for my dilemma about this).  First, I was confused about what to post on each site: the same information, but condensed?  Different information?  Have each social media account reflect different aspects of my shop?  Unnervingly, a cacophony of thoughts stormed my mind; I felt like I was in over my head.  Overstimulated to the max.  Finally, I decided to post what I wanted to, which has become fun for the following reasons:

1. Twitter's word-count limit lets me play around with words: those with varying weight, illustrative potential, and wit--to include as I see fit.  

2.  Instagram has been helpful to pull together photography and writing into shortened posts, with an emphasis on photos.

3. My blog, which remains my favorite mode of communication, allows me the space to write freely, and creatively, without word-count limits and ergonomic annoyances (i.e.:smartphone keyboard).  Although my mind goes a-mile-a-minute, I type very slowly; I think too fast and my hands can't keep up unless I use a regular keyboard.

Content varies per site depending on what works better for me: quick, pulsing writing for Twitter; evocative photos and their accompanying words for IG; chronicling the thought process via in-depth writing for this blog.  Together, it's a fun, exhilarating challenge that forces me to learn and use new words in the process.  (And you know how I love a good word...)

Bottom line:
What at first felt overwhelming and scary--the balancing of, and posting on, three social media accounts--is now something I look forward to on a weekly basis.  (Pinterest doesn't count because pinning visual inspiration is easy.)  I love playing around with words and ideas to fit these very different social-media platforms because it keeps my writer's brain happy.  It's only then that I can concentrate fully, without interruption from my ever-roving mind, on making jewelry and book page goods, plus crafting quality writing services, during this busy holiday season.  With practice, things have become more manageable.

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