April 26, 2014

April: Ode to / Week in Photos

April, oh April, so glad you came my way.  Sun reaching like faint heartbeats into my workspace is like honey dripping against the soul, warm and decadent, soothing my harried mind.

April, oh April, I need to once again relearn what time of (Spring) day is best for photography, so that my listing photo sessions can be done in one afternoon instead of three--

a yearly recurrence this particular learning is; one that keeps me on my toes as I delete photographs with too much saturation (orange and yellow tints), as well as ones with too little color (blue tint).  Wise note to self: Finding the right lighting will keep you from taking 50+ over saturated and under saturated photos of a single item to be listed.

Seriously, what is going on with the lighting here?

And lastly, April, oh April, I think I may the be only one who keeps chives as a houseplant--in a used pill bottle container.  It's amazing how the changing of seasons from Winter to Spring allowed this here chive plant to rebound.

Hope you all have a lovely upcoming week!

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