February 18, 2013

Spring Fever

by Lela Lee

Hope you had a refreshing weekend.  As for me, it's been an interesting few days, for we've had a strange February heat wave, with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today the heat wave finally broke (it was only 66 degrees, ha!), but the temperature still remains unseasonably warm for mid-February.  As a consequence, I am now overly eager for spring to begin--mainly to successfully grow plant from seed in my partial-sun window.

* * *

Wintertime Blues?

Throughout this winter, my sad-looking poppy continues to grow indoors...

...while my herbs have not fared as well.

Who knew that poppies could be grown indoors?

Spring Seeds
Some seeds to be planted indoors come spring:

Persimmon seeds for the husband.

For me.

Let's see what happens...

Excited to finally use this work-of-art planter by Crabtree Ceramics:

Calming deep blues and greens in this piece.

P.S. And even though I look forward to spring, I am also grateful that there is rain in this week's forecast because we sorely need it...

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