September 16, 2012

The Bright Side

Welcome to the bright side of things.  I know that times have been tough for everyone, and that life sometimes breaks apart in fits and starts at its seams, bursting with anxiety and gloom in all its darkness.  Sometimes it's hard to just take in a deep breath--I know this.  But as in every dynamic, there is a probable upside, even if it is merely considered a silly learning experience or, conversely, a epiphany-like chance at introspection.  This post chronicles a few recently found up sides...

Have you heard of The Bright Side Project?  I stumbled across their website through vitrifiedstudio, who is having a giveaway (which is currently open through 9/18) there.  In addition to hosting giveaways, The Bright Side Project is a collection of DIYs, interviews with shop owners, and quotes--with a "when life gives you lemons...make lemonade" perspective.  Very optimistic and real without being overly sentimental or gushy.

(I tend to steer away from the gushy.) 

The Bright Side Project's mission statement is clear: no matter how bad you currently have it, there is optimism among the ruins.

On a more personal level, as you know, my shop's September sale (via a 30% off coupon code: HARVEST) is half over as of yesterday.  I recently received an order from a buyer who purchased a Pay it Forward item, which is exempt from the sale, with this coupon code.  Upon realizing its exemption, this buyer actually sent me back the money due.  How refreshingly honest is that?  Very much so.  For me, this integrity-laden act genuinely made my day, put a little skip in my step--not that someone read the fine print and adhered to "the rules," but that someone cared enough to be kind.  And to simply pay it forward, which is inspiration enough for me.


Unknown said...

Don't you LOVE really cool people? Thanks for the bright side post. I needed this today.

EmeraldCut said...

Glad the post is appreciated. And yes, cool people really rock! :)