July 27, 2012

I Did It

After much deliberation, I finally created an Etsy About page for my shop.  The About page is basically an "About Me" section, which allows others to learn more about you and your shop.  (I think that those sly word creators at Etsy wanted to be a little different in their naming of the page, although their end-product word is all too similar to the eponymous "About Me.")  Sounds easy enough, this About page, but I couldn't--for the life of me--figure out what content belonged to the About page, the Shop Policies, and the Etsy Profile page, respectively, which are different links to click on from a Etsy shop.  To me, they are all too similar to be dissimilar, you know?  In no way did I want a considerable overlap of information, nor did I want to share too much. 

I did, though, figure it out.

In total, it took me over four hours to create my About page.  I wrote three paragraphs, then deleted two, and decided on the five photos (out of sixty) that aptly fit my aesthetic.  The photo collage above (thank you to the site, PicMonkey for the editorial ease) includes my favorite "outtakes" from the photo session.


Judy GoHeyJudy said...

Cool and LOL. It took me four hours as well. Too funny! Looks great! Well done.

EmeraldCut said...

Thank you, GoHeyJudy! That is too funny that we both spent a total of four hours working on one page. LOL!

In general, I find that talking about myself is a difficult task. Might not seem that way with this blog, though. And adding shop representation (the About page) to the mix just adds to the difficulty in word formulation!